“The first step does count regardless of how far the traval is.”17 years ago was the starting point of group of Thai Technicians and Engineers who had experiences in electrical system installations within and outside the country…. more

Message from President


Based upon the installations of electrical systems within buildings,housing, schools, universities or office buildings and industrial plants throughout the last 10 years,…more



Paisart Company limited Is committed to maintaining a standard of service effectively. By all standards. As a result, the company is more confident…more

Scope of work

“System Engineering Leader, standard installation, customer’s impression on services, and development of the work to international stage”
Companies providing services to General contractors, electrical work, including design, supply and installation contractor jobs comprehensive engineering system. Get both from the private sector and the public sector as well as including a direct contractor (Main Contractor) and outsourcing (Sub-contractor) that works directly from the contractor, and outsourcing it may come from the method of bidding or negotiation, including cooperation with other companies in joint ventures….more